Times Tables Matters

The students in 5/6 have started working on Multiplication in maths and will be moving on to Division soon.
We've let them know that the best thing they can do to improve accuracy and speed of recall is to practise their times tables. So, we've been completing tables webs and grids at the start of each lesson (which they are more than welcome to complete at home if they have a spare five minutes).
Another fun way to improve is to learn clever songs and rhymes, so.....
Below is a link to a Youtube video posted by a teacher in North America who has created a number of videos of popular songs which he has changed the lyrics to help students learn their times tables.
Have a look, have a laugh, have a sing and see if it helps.
If you like it, look up some of his other songs.

3 Times Tables to Uptown Funk - Link

What a Disaster!

Floods? Earthquakes? Cyclones?  not a worry.
Last week our dedicated and talented 5/6 students designed and built disaster proof houses. They designed the houses taking into consideration use of materials and design features that would help their houses withstand forces of nature.
They then built their houses and, at the end of the day, they tested their houses.
Take a look at the pics below. Fun was had by all......especially us teachers.

Hip Hop Ya Don't Stop!!!

We have a celebrity and aspiring Hip Hop star in 5/6 in the shape of Pip.
You may have read about her and her Hip Hop troupe in last weekend's Canberra Times but, in case you missed it, here is a link.

Canberra Times Link

In the Shadows

Anzac day is the one day of the year when we stop and reflect on the sacrifices made and bravery shown by many Australian and New Zealanders.
One of our students, Grace, went a step further and put 'pen to paper' to write the fabulous, thought provoking poem below.

In the Shadows.

In the shadows where the poppies stayed.
In the shadows where the people were afraid.
In the shadows where the dead people laid.

In the sunshine where the children played.
In the sunshine where the mothers of the injured and dead cried, but still there's hope.

Even though the birds aren't singing and it's pouring down rain. The memories of the brave carry on and live inside those poppies that stayed.
In the shadows and the pouring down rain the memories live on.

I know for us things stayed the same. But for family and friends of the Anzacs things changed.
When a family received a letter their hearts filled with hope. And when they heard bad news cries were heard all around and the families and friends of the brave knew the cries wouldn't end. They knew cries would echo on and be heard throughout the world.

You hear a loud bang that follows on, and on, and on.
As cries are heard and people shout in the distance. You hear pain and then the call is made.
You run. You fall. But now you're a poppy and you're not forced to listen to the cries and shouts.
Each petal on you holds a memory beneath the velvety red.

A treasure is special. A treasure, not a diamond or a jewel.
Not a ring or a necklace. A treasure is someone that will sacrifice their life for yours.
Someone who will fight for freedom and never, ever give up.
Someone that they call an Anzac.

An Anzac means more than a friend because an Anzac will fight for someone they have never met.
That's what a true Anzac is.

The beginning can be the end for some. The beginning is the start of war. When your life depends on every move.
The beginning is after you've decided whether you're going to commit to never giving up. When you've already committed to trying no matter what.
And if the sky turns grey you'll imagine it's blue. And when the grass turns brown you'll imagine it's green.
That's what the beginning is.

As the clouds cover the blue sky a teardrops down your cheek and into your heart.
You know someone you love is gone and is hidden beneath a field of poppies. 
You know although you'll miss them you're going to have to carry on and just keep fighting like the person you knew. Like the brave person they were.

We will remember them. Lest we forget......

Name Our Ice Breaker

So the Australian Government has purchased a brand, spanking, new Antarctic Ice Breaker and.......
they want Aussie students to name it.
The competition is open to any and all Australian students from Years 5 - 8.
It is for registered groups or classes, not individuals.
If you and your mates want a crack at fame and being part of the history books click the link below.


What a Disaster

Volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, bushfires, floods…. What’s not to like about our Inquiry unit this term?  Not only is everyone excited about learning about extreme weather events and natural disasters, but they are SUPER excited that we are doing much of our learning on line!

This term we are trialing a digital CSIRO Double Helix education unit.  CSIRO have teamed up with STILE to create a fantastic suite of science units that are directly linked to the Australian Curriculum.  Students will complete much of their learning on their Chromebooks.  The unit is called “What A Disaster!” and will be accompanied by practical investigations and an independent inquiry.

Lessons will be released to students gradually and they will be expected to complete them in class time.  They will be supported by teachers and a learning partner, to ensure they have support to understand the tasks and the learning platform.  At the end of each unit, students will turn in their work for marking and teachers will regularly provide online feedback as they progress through the lessons.

Lessons are fun and engaging and tap into scientific experts via interviews and videos.There are a range of learning experiences for students to undertake which cater to a variety of learning preferences.  

Please ask your child to show you the unit via https://stileapp.com . To log in, they enter their email address (which is the student id number that they use in their chromebook login, followed by @schoolsnet.act.edu.au - eg 063765@schoolsnet.act.edu.au) and their birth date in six digit format, as their password (eg 1/7/06 becomes 010706).

We are asking that students do not work ahead at home, however if they miss lessons due to absences or fall behind in the work at school, we will ask them to get on line at home (with parent’s permission) and complete the unfinished work.

At the end of the unit we will ask students and teachers to do an evaluation so we can determine its effectiveness and consider whether we use other Double Helix online units in the future.  Your feedback is also welcome.

Mrs Layton

Goodbye Term 1

So, here we are. One term down and what a term it's been?
We're so proud of how the 5/6 students have settled in, stepped up and got things done.
Narratives, algorithms, measurement, Australian colonisation, the solar system, reading, spelling, comprehension, swimming, athletics, world indigenous arts, assembly....... and a camp to top it all off!
Next term promises to be even bigger. We have rostrum speeches to prepare and deliver, cross-country and the Year 5s will tackle NAPLAN, and all these will take place in just the first three weeks.
Many parents and guardians we've met with have asked about local high schools. Below you will find the dates for public schools open nights starting early next term. These nights are a great way to find out about and get a feel for each high school and start thinking about which school will best suit the needs of your children.

So from all the 5/6 teachers, enjoy the break and rest up........'cause it's gonna get busy!