NAPLAN is done and dusted!

What a week!  Our students are absolute troopers...

The year 5 students did an amazing job completing all four of their NAPLAN tests and this was our first year completing it all online.  No major glitches occurred and the students were focused through all four tests - writing, reading, language conventions and numeracy. Many students took advantage of their headphones and had the questions read to them (where that was an option). The online tests provided a variety of question formats with students not always receiving exactly the same questions. 

Many thanks go to Ms Harding for doing all the behind the scenes work that goes into co-ordinating NAPLAN each year and to Ms Rossiter and Ms Vanderfield for helping me out with the daily supervision of tests.


While the 5's were beavering away in the classroom, the year 6's headed outside and learned all about being a good Sports Leader.  They have planned some fun movement activities and games that they will lead the junior school students through later in the year.  Thanks to Mr Nicholls and Ms Hall for all your hard work with the 6's this week.

After smashing our students with NAPLAN, we also squeezed in a few sneaky assessment tasks for spelling and writing, which not only informs our teaching in the coming weeks, but will also assist with reporting back to parents at the end of term.  The teachers are now all busy reading some fantastic fractured fairy tales, such as the one by Jaimee below:

Three little wolves and the big bad piggy

Three baby wolf cubs were finally leaving home.

Jorden was excited to start his own journey, Jerrald was scared of what was to come and Billy didn’t want to leave yet. But mummy wolf and daddy wolf said they had to go because they had reached the age of manhood. So with that as their last words from home, they set off and started their journey.

Meanwhile, in a grotty mud pile, was the big bad piggy and to his great surprise he saw the three wolves he was looking for....

Jorden set off to the caves right away. He leaped and howled all the way there, but… lost behind was Billy. Billy started to cry as he already missed home and wanted to go back. Luckily Jerrald heard his sobs and met him at the pond. Together they built a house out of logs for Billy to live in. They then built a house of stones for Jerrald to live in, and together they went to visit Jordan.

“Where is Jordan,” cried Billy. Then they both sat down to think. Billy got distracted and started thinking of home but Jerrald stayed focused and thought of where Jordan could be. Suddenly, there was a traumatized scream from the pond. Billy looked at Jerrald, Jerrald looked at Billy and then they both ran towards the pond as fast as they could. They found Jordan crying inside Billy’s log house. They asked him what was wrong and Jordan told them to hide in his cave. So together they went to the cave and hid. Inside the cave was a birthday invitation from the small good piggy.  

“Should we go?,” asked Billy. “NO!” replied Jorden and Jerrald. “It's not safe,”  so they all went back to their houses and had a good night's sleep. But what they didn’t know was that the big bad piggy was watching over Billy's log house all night.

The next morning Billy woke up and made some breakfast, when… THUMP THUMP THUMP. Along comes the big bad piggy, who says “Little wolf, little wolf come out of your house.”  “No, not by the fur on my luscious grey coat,” replies Billy. “Then I’ll oink and I’ll snort and I’ll scare you all out,” shouted the big bad piggy. Billy ran out the back into Jerrald’s stone house. THUMP THUMP THUMP, came the big bad piggy. “Little wolf, little wolf come out of your house.”  “No not by the fur on our luscious grey coats,” they replied and before he could say anything back, they were out of the house and with Jordan.

THUMP THUMP THUMP, came the big bad piggy. But when the he tried to threaten them this time, the wolves couldn’t hear him because the cave was sound proof. The big bad piggy got angry and started to climb to the chimney. When he tried to yell down it, he fell in and sure enough there was a fire at the bottom.

To avoid the gross parts of this tale, lets just say bacon and eggs sounds pretty good for breakfast tomorrow, along with some pork tonight!

Posted by Mrs Layton

All Set For Learning In Term 2

The 5/6 teaching team have been busy over the last few weeks planning for our learning this term.  It's going to be another action packed term with Rostrum, NAPLAN (for the year 5's), an excursion to the National Museum of Australia and our cross country carnival - just to name a few highlights!


Students will use good fit books and ‘show their thinking’, focussing on individual reading goals during Reader’s Workshop. 5/6 will also be reading and responding to the  novel ‘My Story: Plagues and Federation - The Diary of Kitty Barnes’ which links with the HaSS inquiry. The novel will be used to investigate how characters develop throughout the plot.
Image result for my story plagues and federation


The text type focus for term 2 is narrative. This will include the appropriate structure and language features. Students will work on character development, interesting openers and improving vocabulary. They will also follow the writing cycle of planning, drafting,  proofreading, re-crafting and publishing written work.
Image result for narrative


Addition and subtraction algorithms
Chance in games
Area of simple and compound shapes
Multiplication and division mental strategies and algorithms

Word Work

Mrs Layton: blending and segmenting consonants, e.g. sc, ld
Miss Hall: revising digraphs, e.g. ch, qu & long vowel sounds, e.g. ai, ay, a_e
Miss Vanderfield: prefixes, suffixes, greek/latin roots, e.g. misspelt
Mr Nicholls & Miss Rossiter: double vowel sounds, e.g. field
Mrs Harding: suffixes that indicate tense, e.g. adding ed, ing


Light: This inquiry provides opportunities for students to explore the properties of light and how it enables us to see. Students’ thinking about light and its role in our lives and our community will be developed using hands-on activities. Through investigations students explain how objects reflect, absorb and refract light.


The Federation of Australia: Students will inquire into how Australia became a nation and how it has changed as a society throughout the 20th century. It will focus on significant individuals and their contributions to the development of Australian society.

Health and PE

Social and Emotional Learning: Valuing our strengths and encouraging positive self talk. Fundamental Movement Skills: bouncing, catching, forehand strike and two hand strike

Image result for scratch


Students will learn to problem solve using the visual software, Scratch. They will then plan, create and edit their own digital game using the software.

The Arts

Students will continue to develop their music notation and composition skills through playing ukulele, recorder, Boomwackers and percussion instruments. In drama, students will explore movement to create and sustain belief in character and situation using mime techniques.


Students will be studying the physical geography of Japan, learning about the four main islands and some of the major cities and landmarks. They will also be working towards writing and talking about a travel plan using different verbs and tenses. Students will continue to work on hiragana reading and writing skills by achieving hiragana belts.

Important dates

Friday 11 May
Mother’s Day Breakfast
Week 3 (Catch-Ups Week 4)
Friday 25 May
Tuesday 22 May
Excursion - National Museum of Australia

We survived Camp Cooba!

What a blast!  Camp Cooba was a huge success for all, with a big thumbs up from every student and teacher.

All students (and teachers) challenged themselves on a range of activities including:

  • the leap of faith
  • the giant swing
  • the assault course
  • bubble soccer
  • team manoeuvres
  • and of course the mighty gladiator!

We loved the off site accommodation in Berridale and are looking forward to heading back there again next year.  Students enjoyed hanging out with their friends, playing handball and walking down to the nearby oval for a jog with Mr A, game of footy with Miss Rossiter or some impromptu yoga with Mrs Layton during our spare time at the end of the day.  The trivia night was also great fun with the crowd joining in and singing along with the 'guess this song' round of the quiz.

Well done to everyone for your bravery, adventurous spirits, great efforts and behaviour at camp.  Thank you also to our amazing year 5/6 teachers, as well as Mr A (who couldn't resist joining us again this year), Ms Francis and Hayley for all their hard work and great care while we were away.  We also need to give a special shout out to Mr Nicholls, who did all the hard behind the scenes work to organise camp, even through he wasn't able to join us for the fun.

Listening carefully to the safety briefing at the Leap of Faith.

We couldn't have asked for better weather - blue skies every day!

More safety instructions.

The giant see-saw!

The team wall climb on the assault course.

Nice view from up there!

Katniss Everdeen in the making!

More teamwork on the Gladiator course.

"You mean we have to climb ALL the way across that wall?"

Friendly competition!

I can do this!

So can I!

Having a blast in the bubble balls!

Its pretty cozy in there!

Multiplication Mania!

Year 5 and Year 6 have just finished a short unit in maths about multiplication.

The Year 5's have been learning about factors and multiples and the Year 6's have also looked at prime and composite numbers.

We have discovered that many students do not have automatic recall of multiplication facts.  This means that problem solving in maths becomes extra challenging for them as they have to rely on slow strategies to solve multiplication facts before they can even make a start on solving the actual problem.

Developing automaticity (fast and automatic recall of facts) is an important step to becoming a capable mathematician and this is where we want your help!

All maths groups are currently practicing multiplication facts as a warm up for our maths lessons, but some extra practice at home would also give your child a boost in this area.

Some fun and simple ways to practice include:

  Putting one of these..
 Image result for multiplication chart on toilet door
somewhere prominent that your child regularly spends time.  My mum was smart and had one in the kitchen, AND one on the back of the toilet door.

You can also spend some quality family time playing card or dice games to reinforce the multiplication facts. Try this one for starters:

Image result for spiral multiplication  

Spiral Multiplication

1. Use a deck of cards to make a spiral game board starting from the centre.
2. Place your game pieces at the start.
3. Player one rolls the dice and multiplies the number on the dice by the number on the playing card their piece is on. If they answer correctly, then they move the number of spaces that were on the dice.  If they are incorrect, they do not move.
4. Take turns and repeat until someone reaches the end of the spiral and wins.

There are also plenty of online games that your child can play to practise as well.  One we use regularly at school is Hit the Button.  Check it out at Hit The Button.  Oh, and did you know.... there is also an app for that!

Finally, there are many fun you tube videos with raps and songs to help those multiplication facts stick (perhaps annoyingly in your head too!).  Check out Mr De Maios playlist as a starting point, but make sure you go looking for some other fun ones with your child ... and why not ask them about what they have been learning in our cyber safety lessons while you're both at the keyboard?

Have fun getting those maths facts down pat!