Awesome Art Show - It's here!

After weeks and months of preparation the time has arrived. The Awesome Art Show is on this weekend. Kicking off on Friday afternoon and running through until Saturday arvo (2:00pm).
Come on down, check out the myriad of masterpieces created by the talented Fraser students and enjoy a soft drink and a sausage.........
and, if you're feeling lucky, buy a raffle ticket or two for a chance to win one of the many prize packages donated by many of our wonderful community members and businesses.

Below is a sample of our inspiration for the art created by year 5/6.

Watch this space next week for some great photos of some of the art works.

See you there.

Book Week Celebration

What a fantastic Book Week we've had,

There's been books read by teachers in the library, short listed books read in class daily and, the pinnacle of our celebrations........Dress Up Day!!!!!

What an awesome turn out we had. We spotted classic literary characters such as Juliet (sans Romeo), modern classic characters like Hermione and Harry, plenty of Dr.Suess, some Hungry caterpillars and some students and teachers stuck in Wonderland!

It was a fun day and great to see everyone, teachers and students alike, get in to the spirit of the day.

Hiking the Centenary Trail with the Hinchcliffes

This year the Hinchcliffes are walking the Centenary Trail to raise money for the Newborn Intensive Care Foundation. The Newborn Intensive Care Unit looks after critically ill babies to help them get the best start to life.
It’s not because walking is our favorite thing to do, it’s because this year marks 7 years since something happened that changed our lives forever.
In 2010 on the 9th of July Elodie, our sister/ daughter was born but sadly she was not well and did not survive. In her time on Earth she was in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and they did everything they could for her. So far we have raised $3,460 in under a month!
If you would like to find out more about this wonderful service or donate towards it, please follow the links below.

Thanks kindly.

Book week

Don't forget it's Book Week next Thursday 24 August.

Come to school dressed as your favourite literary character or book inspired themed dress.

Should be a fun day for all.

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Fraser Awesome Art Show - Getting Ready

   Image result for woolies tins

The Awesome Art Show is sneaking up and we're starting to get excited. I preparation, we're asking all of our 5/6 students to bring in a tin/can (not empty please as they are better to stack when full) and a clean, empty, glass jam jar for our art works.
The can needs to be about the size of a Campbell's soup tin (approx. 400 - 425 grams)
Many thanks in advance.

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The Great Guide Sleepover 2017

This year I am taking part in The Great Guide Sleepover at Taronga Zoo and will be sleeping under the stars!
This year, funds raised from The Great Guide Sleepover go to support Taronga conservation society. Taronga cares for 4000 animals from over 350 species, many of which are threatened. This year the Sumatran tiger is our focus for all donations and I want to do what I can to help.
Please donate to my page as any amount you can give will make a difference!
Page link:Donation page

!This years mascot!

The Future of Education Video Booth

On Tuesday Fraser Primary was lucky enough to have the Future of Education video booth/ideas igloo at our school.

The video booth is part of the Future of Education project and will capture insight, experiences and ideas from the community to inform a policy document about the future of education in the ACT.  

As a part of the project many of our students and some staff members participated by entering the booth and speaking about their experiences with Fraser Primary.

It was both enlightening and entertaining.

Our students were forthright and honest in their responses and we even received some great feedback about our students and their thoughts about the school and teachers.

Below is an email Mr. Deeker received the Thursday after the event.

Hi Mark
I am one of the people on the Future of Education team and I just wanted to pass on some positive feedback.

Reviewing the footage from the video booth that was held earlier this week at your school, it was really striking how supported by their teachers the young people feel - the students consistently spoke enthusiastically about how teachers knew who they were and what worked for them and that they genuinely cared about them.

It was lovely to watch and I just thought you might like that bit of feedback.


Enjoy some happy snaps of the day.....